How to Spoof Age Restriction on YouTube

It will be stupid to ask if you stream video on YouTube. Of course, millions of users go online only to stream YouTube, the biggest video sharing website. You can watch anything on this video sharing website without any problem, but there is one thing which annoys the users across the world. You must be thinking about ads popping up before the video plays, but you are wrong. There is something more annoying than ads on YouTube.

How to Spoof Age Restriction on YouTube

The Age Restriction which asks you to Sign in to confirm age is a very annoying restriction that appears before the video. Fortunately, this restriction is applied to some types of video, but still, the confirmation takes a lot of time as you have to sign into your Google account and then wait to redirect on the video. It is a complete waste of time, but fortunately, there are methods to prevent yourself from falling prey for the age restriction on YouTube. Let’s check out all the methods to spoof age restriction so that you can enjoy more and more video on YouTube.

Here is how to spoof age restriction on YouTube

Try Using NSFW YouTube Method

  1. Open YouTube and find the video asking for signing up for age restriction.
  2. Open the video and must be facing the Sign in to confirm age tab.
  3. Go to the URL address bar.
  4. Type NSFW between “www” and “” and press the Enter button.
  5. Now you must be directed to the video on YouTube without any age confirmation restrictions.

Try Using Listen on Repeat Method

  1. Open YouTube and find the video with age restriction.
  2. Click to play the video, and you must be facing the same age confirmation tab.
  3. Again, head to the URL address bar.
  4. Click after “youtube” and type repeat.
  5. Ensure the new link looking like “”
  6. Now, you must not face the age confirmation tab.

Try to Use the Embed Link Method

  1. Follow the same steps to find the video.
  2. Click to play the video and check if YouTube is restricting with its confirmation age pop up.
  3. Go to the URL bar and replace “watch?v=” with “/embed/” in the link.
  4. Now press the enter button.
In this way, you can watch every video without wasting the precious amount of time to sign in the Google account and then wait for the process to redirect you to the video. By following any of these three methods, you can easily modify the links and play the video with lesser efforts. As you have learned about the tricks to spoof Age Restriction on YouTube, you can enjoy every video in the biggest video sharing platform.
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