How to Back Up Photos on iPhone

iPhone camera is well-known for its photo clarity which tricks people into click more and more photos from their phones. But the number of photographs needs more storage space in a phone and phone cannot store thousands of pictures. Where will you save the new pictures? Apple has come up the solution to provide more storage to your iPhone, and the surprising fact is that you don’t even need to buy a device or gadget to do that. iCloud Photo Library, a service from Apple provides 5 GB of free storage where you can store your picture as a backup. If your iPhone is lost, you still have your photos backed up in iCloud which can be accessed only by signing in.

Here’s how to back up photos on iPhone
  1. Make sure your device has an internet connection
  2. In settings, go to iCloud
  3. Tap iCloud backup
  4. Now tap Back Up Now
  5. Now go to your picture gallery in your phone
  6. Tap on a photo
  7. Select Save to Files
  8. Choose the folder where you wish to save it
  9. Now tap Add
  10. The selected photo will be available in the Files App which you can access on any of your iOS devices
Files App is not only a service to store your data locally, but it lets you view and opens the files like Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, etc.  Since Apple provides only 5 GB of data, it will not be enough for a heavy data user. In that case, you can buy the storage from Apple. At times, backing up data in iPhone might get tricky but following the steps will help you never to lose your pictures. If the steps mentioned above are confusing for you, then you should contact the Apple support team. But before reaching Apple, you should try backing up your photographs with your iPhone.  

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