7 Keyboard Shortcuts to Speed Up Your Web Browsing

Do you ever wonder how hackers on the television constantly type away on their computers without having to use the mouse? Well, what if you were told that you could achieve the same? Web browsers come with various shortcuts that can help you become a browsing ninja. Using keyboard shortcuts will not only boost your productivity, but it will also help in saving time. Without further ado, let’s check out the different ways to speed up your browsing.

1- Easy Page Up and Page Down

Tired of scrolling down endlessly on a website? Long scrolling is definitely tiring. Well, just hit the space bar to jump down a page at a time. In order to go back to the previous page, just hit Shift + Space keys. This keyboard shortcut will help you save time spent in manually scrolling down.

2- Key in a new web address or update the present one

If you want to key in a new URL or wish to go to another webpage of the website that is open at present, then simply hit Control + L (Windows) or Command + L (Mac) in order to directly shift the cursor to the URL bar of Google Chrome. By pressing this shortcut, the presently open page’s URL will get automatically highlighted. After that, you can make changes to the URL however you want.

3- Zoom in and out on a web page

Do you wish to increase or lessen the details you can see on a webpage? Well, in that case, hit the Control + Plus or Control + Minus keys for zooming in or zooming out on the currently open page. Doing so will only make changes to the present tab, other tabs will remain unaffected. To reverse the changes, just hit Control + O. Mac users can replace the Control key with Command.

4- Search for words or phrases on a web page

The World Wide Web is full of information. You can find hordes of data on a single web page. Therefore, trying to locate something in an endlessly long webpage can get tiring. Thankfully, you can easily use the keyboard shortcut to bring up the Find command. Just hit Control + F keys and then type the word or phrase you want to find in the search box. After that, the word/s or phrase in the webpage will get highlighted.

5- Quickly switch between the open browser tabs

When up to eight tabs are opened in the same browser window, then hitting the Control + (1-9) keys will automatically open the chosen tab. The tabs are numbered from left to right, in increasing order. If you want to go to the second tab, then just hit Control + 2. If you’re going to close the current tab, then press Control + W. These tabs related shortcuts will definitely help you browse faster.

6- Bookmark a page you want to revisit

Saving web pages in the browser can be convenient. You can easily access them whenever you want. To bookmark web pages, just hit the Control + D keys. After saving a bookmark, just click on the menu and browse all the bookmarked pages.

7- Open a webpage in incognito mode

Is your current browser window too cluttered with a number of open tabs? Well, to launch a new browser window, just hit Control + N. If you want to open your browser (Chrome and Safari) in the incognito mode, then simply hit the Control + Shift + N keys.
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