Improve Digital Experience by Cleaning your Smartphone

Is your smartphone cluttered with applications you barely use? Do you have a hard time trying to locate particular pictures or songs? If you load too many applications on your phone, then it will not only cause your phone to work slowly and crash occasionally, but it is also a safety risk because you are allowing third-party applications to access the data. Apart from this, an overflooded phone is never good for the battery. You need to reclaim your digital space by cleaning out all the clutter that exists in your phone. Here’s how you can clean up your phone to enhance your digital experience:
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Delete redundant applications

The first and foremost thing you should do is remove the apps which are lying redundant on your phone. Often, we get lured by ads and install applications we do not need. If you haven’t used any application since over a month, then you should remove it from your phone. Delete the cached files as well. This way, you will not only make up more space on your phone, but your phone will also look more organized.

Store photos and videos on cloud

Are you a fan of taking pictures? Do you download all attachments and media files sent your way? If the answer is yes, then there is a high probability that your phone is flooded with pictures. You should back up a majority of images, videos, and other data on the cloud. This way, not only will your data remain secure and accessible from any device, but it will also declutter your phone.

Organize home screen

Do you spend several minutes trying to locate an application across the home screens? Since we have so many apps on our phones, trying to locate them can be a hassle. Less is more has never been apter. Whether you are an avid Instagrammer or a mobile phone photography enthusiast, you must adopt the minimalistic approach and allow only the frequently used applications on the home screen.

Adopt music streaming

Apart from pictures and video, songs also take up considerable memory on the smartphone. When the iPod was rolled out, people thought that it was convenient to have all their music collection in their hand. Even though it a fantastic concept, but it is not much practical. Firstly, you must remove all the songs you do not listen to. Also, due to increased Wi-Fi connectivity and music streaming apps, you do not have to transfer or download songs on your phone anymore.

Update the address book

Humans are social beings. We build connections with time. Often, we save these connections in out Contacts list. Over time, our Contacts list starts overflowing and we barely remember half of the people on the list. We still have contact details of somebody we have not interacted with in ages. Therefore, you need to update your contacts from time to time. Delete the contacts of people you do not remember anymore, and also the ones you no longer need. Remove any repeated contacts as well.
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