What are the differences between Microsoft Word and Apple Pages?

At present, Apple’s Pages and Microsoft’s Word are available for free. Both of these applications are good at word processing. While Pages is popular with Mac and iOS users, Word is used by a majority of businesses. Pages are a word processing program which is a part of iWork, a productivity suite manufactured and sold by Apple. Similarly, Word is also a word processing program which is a part of Office, a productivity suite created and distributed by Microsoft. Apple and Microsoft are two of the biggest tech giants in the world. The rivalry and competition between Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Apple’s Steve Jobs are not unknown. Both of the applications are good and have some definite advantages over each other. If you want to get a word processor and are confused between Microsoft Word and Apple Pages, read further to know about the differences between the two.

Creating and Storing Documents
Apple allows the users to save data in iCloud. Any document created in the application gets stored in the cloud in the user’s iCloud Drive. It is also saved, by default, in the Pages folder. All the edits made in the document get saved automatically to the file stored in the cloud. You can access the documents easily by going to Finder. Users can also switch off the saving of data in iCloud. In Pages, users can access a file on different devices. It is a bit tedious to send a document to somebody who does not have Pages. Users have to export the data before sending it.

Collaborating and Document Sharing
It is easier to track changes in Microsoft Word. For collaboration, nothing is better than MSWord. If you are working in an Apple-only environment, then working on Pages is fine. But, if you need to work on a project with your classmates or office team, then it is better to use Microsoft Word. Moreover, Pages does not have an option for comparing documents. The templates in Word are more standardized than the ones in Pages. If you have Windows, then Word will work seamlessly. But, the application is a bit slow to use. On the other hand, Page is speedy. Even though Pages is less powerful, it is a bit simpler than Word.

User Interface
Most people are comfortable with the UI of Microsoft Word because they have been using it for a while. The UI of Pages is more straightforward and has less clutter. However, some users might find the colors distracting.


If you have an Apple device, then you need to get an annual subscription to use Microsoft Word. The free version of Word does not have advanced features. If you want to save money, then go should go for Pages. However, if money is not an issue and you need t access advanced features, tools, more layouts and templates, then you should definitely consider investing in Microsoft Word.

All in all, both of the programs are pretty good. You should consider the pros and cons of both before selecting one. If you need a minimal, simple, and basic word processor then you should go for Pages. But, if you need to collaborate with people and create documents with advanced features, then you should go for Word.

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