How to Capture Amazing Pictures with iPhone Camera?

Do you want to use your iPhone’s camera in the best ways to click the most amazing pictures? We assure you aren’t.
You must be missing some of the great features that are in your iPhone’s camera but aren’t being used. As the iPhone’s camera app is very easy to use, so here are some wonderful features of which you don’t take advantage.
In this blog, you are going to discover 5 of the most unusual and useful features found in the iPhone’s camera. And it will literally make you a good photographer and will also improve the standard of your camera’s pictures.

1- Capture pictures in Burst Mode

Burst mode is one the finest shooting features inside iPhone’s camera application. Burst mode is worth using whenever there’s any kind of movement or randomness inside the view. When you enable Burst Mode, it lets you click 10 pictures in just a second. After shooting a burst of images, then you can decide the appropriate photo from the series of photos and remove the rest.
To start the Burst Mode:
  • Press the shutter button for a second without moving your fingers.
  • Then your phone will begin to take pictures one after one.

2- Enable Grid Mode

Your photos can be made to look much better by enabling a grid which you will get to see on the camera screen.
To enable grid mode:
  • Open your settings.
  • Go to the Camera option.
  • Then flip the switch, and Grid will enable.

3- Set Focus and Exposure accordingly

If you do not set the focus and exposure, the iPhone will itself set them for you, most of the times it does a quite good job. After all, that’s how most of us take all pictures from the iPhone’s camera.
Under-exposed photos look too dim, at the same time as over-exposed images appear too bright.
Thus, it’s essential to set the exposure in the right ways for you to take a perfect shot.
Before you capture a picture:
  • Tap on the screen of your camera.
  • Set the focus and exposure (you will see an exposure slider with a sun icon).
  • Adjust the slider up or down accordingly.

4- Try shooting pictures with HDR mode

The HDR mode indicates High Dynamic Range mode. It is another excellent photography tool which is built to make photos look more beautiful when captured in high contrasting view, to capture the detailing of a scene.
To turn on HDR Mode:
  • Open camera.
  • Go to camera settings.
  • Tap HDR option to enable.

5- Capture Live Photos

Live Photos is also a fantastic and exciting camera feature which brings your photos to life by making a moving image that doesn’t let the moment freeze.
To shoot live pictures:
  • Click on the round icon of your iPhone camera.
  • Make sure; icon appears yellow.
  • The camera will start to shoot live pictures now, and you will get to see a picture of three seconds with sound and movement.
We hope that this information about your iPhone camera will help you to have an amazing experience of the pictures that are clicked on your own.


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