Know How to Solve Norton Error Code 3048 3?

Norton Antivirus is an excellent antivirus service program which is used by the majority of users worldwide. Users are using it to secure their devices such as- laptops and PCs against different types of malicious attacks for example- Malware, Adware, Spyware and other online Viruses. Norton is providing a powerful security shield for user’s computer system.
But sometimes, the user’s can face some of the common issues because of improper installation or may be due to end of its validity period. One of the most common errors that have been complained by users is Error 3048 3. In his article, we will discuss e symptoms, common reasons and troubleshooting steps to resolve Norton Error Code 3048 3 from your computer system efficiently. 

Know what is Norton error 3048 3?

Some common error messages could appear during installation of antivirus program. When Symantec related software program is running, during start up or shut down the window or even when you are reset windows operating system settings. Then you will find the problem has occurred and that is error 3048 3. 

Know about the Symptoms of error Norton 3048 3:-

  • Whenever appears and crashes the active window program
  • Your device hits when you have running the same program constantly.
  • You will see “Norton Error 3048 3 Windows 7” message is displayed on your screen.
  • Windows run slowly and responses bit by bit for the mouse and keyboard input.
  • Your device freezes for a while, and it happens again and again.

Know about the Causes of Error Norton 3048 3:-

  • Corruption in window catalog entries while installing or uninstalling a program.
  • Virus or malware attacks which already infected and corrupted windows files or Norton Antivirus linked documents or files.
  • Another program mistakenly deleted which are the connected with Norton Antivirus files.
Errors 3084 3 can happen for several of reasons and whenever so it is crucial for a user that he/she renovate or repair the possible causes to prevent it from reverting the same. 

Steps to Fix Norton Antivirus Error 3048 3:-

  1. Repair or Renovate the catalog entries which are the linked with Error 3048 3.
  2. Perform a full virus or malware scan of your device.
  3. Clean out your system waste or temporary files and folders with the help of disk cleanup option.
  4. You need to upgrade your device drivers.
  5. Operate windows system restore option to “undo” current system changes.
  6. You need to install or uninstall the Norton Antivirus Program which is the related to Error 3048 3.
  7. Run windows system file analyzer (“SFC / scan now”)
  8. Download and install all the open windows renew.
  9. Execute a clean downloading of your windows system.
Hopefully, by using all of these above steps you have resolved your Norton Error Code 3048 3 error from your computer system. But still, if you are suffering any other issue with your Norton product then take assistance from Norton customer support. They will immediately suggest you tech support. You can connect with them from the two different ways.
1- Call on Norton toll-free number. And
 2- Norton live chat.
So now, you can feel free to connect with them, as per your convenience. If you want to know more information about Norton products, then go to Norton official website. So now, no need to trouble any issue, meet directly with Norton Customers Services to take expert support.
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