How To Temporarily Disable the Norton Antivirus software?

There are a large number of antivirus products available in the market. Trusting on any such antivirus can be a major mistake as it is a matter of our data security. We often keep our personal data, photos, important files saved on the computer system. Norton antivirus provides the best security solutions which keep our computer and other devices safe from all kinds of malware and security threats. There are millions of people who are using Norton antivirus on their computer. Antivirus software often creates errors when we try to install any other software program on our computer. It sometimes interferes with the installation of desired programs or the functionality of your Web browser.
To get rid of these kinds of errors, people need to temporarily disable Norton services to control the details of your computer’s security. One can re-enable them to stay safe on the Web. We have got you a perfect guide that will guide you to disable the Norton Antivirus for a proper function.

Steps to Temporarily Disable to Norton Antivirus and Smart Firewall

Hit the small triangle on your Windows taskbar and open the notification area (formerly known as the system tray). Now, do a right-click the Norton Internet Security icon for a list of options related to the security suite. 
Now, you need to click “Disable Smart Firewall” to temporarily shut down the firewall. You can use the “Select the duration” drop-down in the Security Request window to select a duration for the temporary shutdown and then click “OK” to activate. Shut down the firewall only for the duration of whatever task you’re trying to access or trying to complete. For example, if you are trying to install a new application, you should disable the firewall for just a few minutes. 
Click the “Disable AntiVirus” to temporarily disable anti-virus protection. With the Disable Smart Firewall option, you will be prompted to select a duration for the shutdown. Now, you can click “OK” to activate the shutdown. 

Turn off Norton Automatic Renewal

You can navigate to the Norton Management website and log in to the site. 
Once you land on the website, you need to scroll to “Automatic Renewal” to view all products that are automatically renewed each year. Now, click the slider to change automatic renewal to the “Off” position. You need to hit the button “Turn Off” on the pop-up window to confirm deactivation. 
You can sign out of your Norton account. Once automatic renewal is disabled, Norton’s service will not renew automatically. Instead, you are prompted to renew when your current subscription runs out. 
This is how you can temporarily disable the Norton antivirus on your computer. If you want to know more about the Norton antivirus or any other queries related to Norton then make a call to the Norton Customer Support and get an instant resolution. For more, visit


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