How to Install Norton Antivirus on Mac?

Be a MacBook user or Windows user is not difficult for any users, because they all are worried about the security of their operating systems. Installing antivirus security software in Windows is quite easy for the users, but when it comes to MacBook, the process differs in many different ways. By not only installing a high-performance antivirus in MacBook might risk the system from the auto installation of viruses and malware attacks from some unprotected websites.
Sometimes, if your system’s performance has slowed down, storage size has been reduced, and properties of files and folders have automatically changed, then there might be a high chance that malware has hit down your MacBook. Then we recommend you to instantly Install the Norton setup for a high-speed performance as it takes necessary precautions against virus and slowing down of the speed of the operating system of MacBook.
The Installation process of Norton Antivirus in MacBook is a different and composite task for most of the users and especially for the first time users. Norton Antivirus setup installation is easy to work if you follow the steps manually. If you purchase Norton Antivirus online, Norton team provides you registered ID and Password. The ID and password are very much helpful while installing the software on your system. If you need any technical support in installing the antivirus on your Mac, then dial the toll-free number of Norton customer support or visit to get instant support.
Tips While Installing Norton On Mac Operating System
  • Don’t use any other antivirus security software while using the Norton Antivirus or else they might clash down.
  • Always restart the Mac Book before and after installing Norton Antivirus
  • Monitor your computer usage and avoid unnecessarily scan of computer or it might feed on the computer resources.
  • Keep your computer updated and add Norton extension for Norton safeguard, Norton toolbar for safe banking and browsing of the Internet.

Steps to Install Norton Antivirus Security on Mac:

  1. Download the Norton Antivirus Security software from official Norton site.
  2. Log in to your Norton account by visiting com/Setup.
  3. Choose the install option.
  4. Read the terms and conditions carefully and proceed by marking ‘check’ on Agree & Download option.
  5. It will download the Norton file and saved the Norton setup installer in the Downloads folder on Mac Book.
  6. Open the download folder and look for the Norton installer/ setup and then continue to the installation process.
  7. As the installation starts, the antivirus software will pop-up instructions on the Mac
  8. Read the instruction carefully and click on the ‘Next’ button
  9. Then, click on the ‘OK’ button.
  10. Once the installation process is done successfully, then click on the ‘Continue’ option for the Live Updates
  11.  Now, The installation process is completed.
  12. Restart your Mac after performing all the above steps.
The procedure mentioned above is very easy and simple to follow. It saves much time and efforts of the users.
But if you need any technical support while following the given procedure, then you can contact the Norton customer support. The experts are certified technicians and available 24*7 to help you. For instant support, visit www. or dial the toll-free number of Norton customer support to get instant support.


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