Find Out How Norton Antivirus Protects The Computer?

Norton antivirus is a security software which is manufactured by Symantec Corp Norton antivirus works effortlessly to safeguard your computer system from harmful attacks. Norton antivirus scans files and folders present in the computer and look for any signs of malware and virus and removes them if its finds them. Since new viruses are created every day, Norton keeps updating its virus database to provide constant protection. Not only is Norton very capable but it is also easy on the pocket. Norton antivirus is easy to use and it can be purchased from the website or store. Norton antivirus’ product key can be activated at
Here is how Norton antivirus works:

Signature Scan

The first and foremost step of scanning a document or file is to compare and contrast the file with the database of know virus signatures. In the world of antivirus, a virus signature or footprint is either a hash or an algorithm which can individually identify a specific virus. Viruses are software which are composed or a binary pattern. Virus signature is used in order to identify and recognize specific viruses. Norton Antivirus scans the files in the computer and evaluates definite bits of code against the information in the database and if Norton antivirus finds any pattern similar to one in the database of known viruses, the file is flagged as a virus. It is either deleted permanently or moved to quarantine.

Background Scanning

Norton antivirus software scans all the fines which the user opens in the background of the computer. This is also known as on-access scanning. There are two kinds of scanning which Norton antivirus has; they are On Access Scanning and On Demand scanning. On access, scanner runs in the background as the computer is turned on and till the computer is shut down. The on access scanner will continuously look for threats until and unless the user pauses it. On-Access scanner keeps an eye on each and every system activity and it scans files which have been downloaded through the internet or email automatically.

Heuristic Detection

One of the most common and effective form of detection used by antivirus software across the globe is Heuristic based scan. This type of detection allows the software to identify the viruses and malware which have not yet been discovered. Heuristic is a way to resolve any issue either by experimenting or discovering rather than following a set of formulas, instructions, or procedures.

Full System Scan

Given that Norton antivirus has on-access scanning feature, full system scans are generally not needed. However, this feature comes handy when you install an antivirus software for the first time on your device. It is also important to run a full system scan when you have updated the antivirus software. Norton antivirus software conducts a full scan of your computer and makes sure that no malware or virus is hidden in the system.
Updating the Norton antivirus is important for the security of the computer system. Norton antivirus provides automatic updates. Once your download, install, and activate Norton on your system, you won’t have to worry about external threats.  For more details about Norton antivirus, visit


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