Which is the Best Antivirus for PC?

Cyber threat is slowly emerging as an epidemic all over the world. In times like these, it is essential to have the best antivirus software to protect yourself from any kind of attacks. Therefore, if you are trusting on any antivirus software for your security, you would naturally wish to purchase the best. Selecting the perfect antivirus is no piece of cake and involves extensive market research depending on your requirements. Plus, there are so many options available in the market, which can be rather overwhelming.
Norton AntiVirus is a giant amongst all antivirus software available in the market. With additional security features that enable safe browsing and protection from malwares and phishing attacks, Norton is continues to offer updated protection to all its users. The company maintains and regularly updates its database of known threats to keep you one step ahead of malicious entities. The name Norton stands for the guarantee that your devices are safe and secure. If you are still in a dilemma about which antivirus would be the best for your PC then continue reading this blog and find out more about the amazing features and pros of Norton antivirus.
User Interface
Norton antivirus is very user-friendly and easy to use. The dashboard of the Norton Antivirus is very systematic and orderly. Finding tasks to perform, quarantine files to remove, reports to read, is easy and convenient on Norton. If your system is safe and secure then the icons are green on the dashboard. If there is a threat then the icons turn red. After installing Norton antivirus, you get a tour which guides you in how to use Norton.
Scanning and Detection
All emails and instant messages are scanned for threats. The ones who get identified as potential or real threats are sent to a quarantine area. Then Norton observes whether they really are malware or not. It also scans and detects removable storage drives and discs like flash drives to ensure that viruses do not sneak into the computer. Apart from protecting the computer from viruses and malware, it also has an anti-phishing element. Norton Antivirus is quick to identify phishing websites and emails and it blocks any pop-ups or incoming emails regarding it.
Automatic Updates
Norton Antivirus gives real time threat protection. An outdated antivirus program is worse than having no antivirus protection. Day by day new threats are emerging. It is important to keep your antivirus software updated so that the bugs get fixed and it remains up to date with recent threats. The hackers utilize the bugs in the software to steal or corrupt computer data. The product updates of Norton antivirus are small in size and happen frequently, therefore they neither take too much time nor do they cause any obstruction. These updates happen automatically.
Gamer Mode
The silent mode feature of Norton antivirus is a blessing to games. Getting constant updates, pings, notifications, alerts, while playing a game or watching a video online can get annoying. After manually turning on the game mode, all the scheduled scans get suspended for some time. Even the quick and vulnerability scans get suspended when this mode is enabled. This feature helps the user to enjoy their gaming activity without facing any lag which may happen due to antivirus software.
Password Manager
Norton Antivirus is ranked amongst the best when it comes to privacy and protection. Norton antivirus doesn’t just have tools for virus protection but it also has several other handy and needed tools. One such crucial tool is password manager. Password Manager lets you save your usernames and passwords for you online accounts including your online banking account details, email and social media login details. These usernames and passwords are then kept safely in the antivirus software. The user signs in into their account with Norton antivirus program. Hence even if a hacker tries to steal the password, they will be handed the password for manager tool which will be of no use to them.
Norton antivirus is accurate, it doesn’t require much space, and it is quick. The Norton Antivirus Support team is available 24/7 at the Norton antivirus support toll-free number. Trained professionals are a part of the technical team of Norton antivirus customer care.  For activation, installation or purchase of Norton antivirus, visit this website.
For more information on your issue, kindly visit: Norton.com/setup | Norton.com/NU16 | Norton.com/MyAccount
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