MacPaw CleanMyPC Review

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your computer’s performance remained the same even after years of using it? You may have noticed that your system tends to slow down and lag after a while, which can be quite annoying. This reduction in performance happens due to the stashing of the cache, cookies, temporary files that may clutter your device, thereby slowing it down. Those having a deep understanding of computers and operating systems can locate these files and delete them periodically, but what about the laymen who know just the basic of simply running the computer? That’s where CleanMyPC comes into the picture. CleanMyPC is one such tool dedicated to the Windows Operating System to clean, tune, and optimize their devices.
Here is a quick review of CleanMyPC and the verdict whether it is worth the fuss:
CleanMyPC has an easy to use UI that allows even the basest of users to navigate through the options. It sports a blue and white theme, which complements the default color scheme of Windows. The left side of the screen offers all the features while the right displays the results. It has a no-nonsense user interface with no clutter and only vital options.
1- Junk Cleaner
PC Junk is basically all the cookies and cache that are slowing the computer down. CleanMyPC targets these files and removes them from your system, thus, freeing the RAM and the memory, therefore, allowing for a faster operation.
2- Registry Cleaner
Windows registry contributes to the speedy working of your computer. However, these registries could contain obsolete entries that may not be necessary. Since Windows registries form the core of the system operation, tampering with these files is not recommended. CleanMYPC can effectively declutter your registries without causing any harm to your system.
3- Advanced Multi Uninstaller
Uninstalling a software should be followed by removal of junk system files that may have been supplementary to the software. Whether these are cache files or data files, most uninstallers do not deep clean your systems. For this purpose, MyCleanPC comes with an Advanced Multi Uninstaller that removes unused apps and also the data that is usually left behind after uninstalling it.
4- Startup Configuration
Whenever you boot your system, all the software and apps also turn on in the process. While it may be necessary for the proper functioning of your device, it does not mean that you would be using all these programs. These programs can drain your memory and clog your RAM, thus, making your system slow or unresponsive. Through the startup configuration of CleanMyPC, you can control what apps should autorun on booting your device. You can also list out apps that you wish to disable and you can collectively put them to hibernate with a click.
5- Shredder
When you delete your files from the system, it may still leave behind traces and shortcuts that may occupy memory unnecessarily. With the Shredder, you can discreetly delete the unwanted files and folders without leaving any footprint on your device.
All in all, the CleanMyPC tool gets solid points for the neat and tidy user interface. The various tools and services that are made available make it a reliable software for keeping your device at its peak performance. It saves up the disc space, which is a valuable resource. At the same time, it maintains online privacy when you are browsing.
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