Know How Does Norton Antivirus Software Work?

Norton Antivirus is an antivirus program which offers a free based suite of antivirus products. This antivirus software program is developed by the symantec corporation. Norton Antivirus software works to protect your PC from various kind of viruses, phishing scams and malwares. Norton Antivirus can scan files on your computer and can detect various sorts of viruses and other threats as well. Viruses are updated daily and Norton constantly provides protection.
If you have a working Norton product installed on your computer and you look for the updated features then you can renew its subscription package which works on a yearly subscription model. The software is available at an affordable rate and can be purchased from anywhere in the world. Renewal subscriptions are also available for purchase. The software is fairly user friendly and simple to install, however, Norton provides technical support for those who are not computer literate.

How Does Norton Antivirus Scan for Viruses?

There are two ways by which Norton Antivirus scan your PC. It is either manually or either automatically. If you set the program to automatically scan your PC then your PC will automatically scan some of the selected files. You may also set it to scan on a particular date or time. When you manually scan items, you can scan any files or media . You may also choose to scan any web downloads that you wish to access. If you do a lot of web surfing then you can set your software to automatically protect your PC. Doing this can prevent your PC being attacked by viruses.
Suspicious Behavior
Suspicious behavior detection never rely on the virus definitions. Instead, this method relies on active monitoring to scan your computer’s programs to locate suspicious behavior. If you are noticing any suspicious behaviour,  you will have to accept or deny programs that you are trying to run on your computer.  This method can protect your computer from unknown or new viruses, but it can also create false positives.
Emulate Code
Emulating the code is an another method of detection which is used to emulate the first part of the code.  This method looks for self-modifying code that looks for other executable programs on your computer. Once identified, the executable will not be allowed to run.
These are the ways by which Norton antivirus software work. While using the Norton antivirus, if you are facing any such kind of errors or issue then you can contact the Norton customer support and can get a quick help from them. They are 24*7 available and able to fix any of your issue. For any kind of help related to Norton, you can dial Norton customer support toll free number. For more, keep visiting this website.
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