Is Your Computer Safe From Cyber Attacks?

Any computer system, laptop, or device is prone to get infected if there is access to the Internet. From viruses to malware, worms to ransomware, there is an assortment of ways through which cyber attacks happen. In the present digital era, cybersecurity is of paramount concern. Cyber crimes have become so rampant and normalized these days that every computer system is a potential target now. While there are great positives of the internet there is also a risk or cyber theft and infections. Hackers are getting more advanced day by day and they are using sophisticated technology to penetrate firewalls and security solutions. Here are some ways by which you can protect yourself from being a victim of a cyber attack:

Strengthen your Passwords:-

Use a distinct password for different website and application. Do not save any password and username details on your web browser or computer files. Instead of having a password, try going for passphrases. Make sure that your password is complex and it has uppercase letters, lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers. A strong password is of minimum eight characters. Keep changing your passwords regularly. If you use the same password for all the accounts then even if your one password gets stolen, the hacker will be able to access all of your accounts. Common passwords like names, date of birth, pet’s name, etc are easy to crack.

Activate a firewall:-

The firewall keeps an eye on all the incoming and outgoing network traffic. It can be either a software or a hardware. Firewall is essential to keep the hackers at bay. It protects the computer from external threats like worms, Trojan horses, etc. Firewall ensures that threats do not get access to the computer system. Hackers search for vulnerable computer and computers with weak security settings and then threats enter those systems. The firewall prevents this from happening by blocking all the unwanted traffic. Both the types of firewalls: Client firewall and appliance firewall are required for overall protection.

Install Antivirus Software:-

The best way to keep your system secure and safe from all kinds of cyber attacks is by installing a reliable antivirus program on your system. Antivirus software gives protection against even the scariest of malware and viruses such as rootkits, advanced persistent threat malware, firmware, etc. Although always have an up to date antivirus solution as an expired or outdated antivirus software makes your system even more vulnerable to cyber attacks and threats. To ensure that there is maximum security, keep the automatic update feature always turned on. Regularly scan your system so that any existing viruses can be detected and removed.

Regularly backup the files:-

Viruses enter the system and they alter or delete files and cause data loss. Ransomware is a very aggressive cyber attack which encrypts your data. If you have a backup of your file on an external hard disk or flash drive then you won’t have to pay a ransom to regain access to the files. You can also upload your data to a cloud-based system. Do not leave your USB drive plugged into your computer when you are not backing up files.
Norton Antivirus is the most excellent protection for your computer. It has advanced security features which help you in protecting your sensitive information while you are accessing the internet. It safeguards the system against viruses, spyware, ransomware, Trojan, malware, etc. It also has a smart firewall which guards the home network. Go to the Norton websites for more details.
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