How to Transfer Norton Antivirus to Another Computer?

If you want to replace your old computer or purchased a new computer and you want to protect the personal information and important data of your computer, then transfer the Norton license from the old computer to the new one. To transfer the old Norton antivirus to the new computer, then first you need to remove the license from the old computer. After that, You have to download and install the Norton antivirus from your Norton account on your new computer.
Transfer the antivirus on a new computer system or installing a new version of Norton Antivirus involves transferring your Norton Antivirus subscription package to the new or the latest system. Transferring a subscription to another computer doesn’t require any purchasing or any other additional utilities.
We were providing you the best solution with step by step guide to resolve your problem regarding the transferring your Norton antivirus Subscription package to a new computer. The steps below mentioned are very simple and easy to follow.

Procedure to Transfer the Norton Antivirus to Another Computer:-

To transfer the Norton Antivirus to another computer you need to follow all these steps on your new computer where you want to install the Norton antivirus. But this procedure only works on a new computer if you follow the steps in ascending order. The steps are mentioned below:-
Step-1: First you need to release the old device from a Norton account.
Step-2: “Log in” to your Norton account using your “Email Address.”
Step-3: The Email address should be the same as you have registered with Norton antivirus account.
Step-4: Type the right Email and Password.
Step-5: Then, click on the “Sign In” button.
Step-6: You will be Logged into your Norton Management and Settings option.
Step-7: Click on the “My Account” option and go to “Services Page” option.
Step-8: On this option select the “Norton Product”, you want to transfer.
Step-9: Then. Go to the “Manage My Installs” option.
Step-10:  And then the “Old Computer Name” display on the option.
Step-11: Now, then click on the “Trash to Remove the Device” option that you no longer use and refresh the slot of your new computer.
Step-12: Now “Restart” Your Computer.
Now you can successfully transfer the Norton Antivirus to another computer. Below we describe how to install it on a new computer.

Procedure to Install the Norton Antivirus to Another Computer:-

Step-1: Open the “Web Browser” on your new computer.
Step-2: Type in the URL.
Step-3: Then, “Log in” to your Norton account if it’s not already logged in then using the same Email and password on Norton account.
Step-4: Then, go to “My Norton” option.
 Step-5: And select your “Norton Product.”
Step-6: Download the “Norton Antivirus” and “Run” the application.
Step-7: Follow the given on-screen steps on your new computer.
Step-8: After the installation of Norton, Restart your computer.
After restarting the computer, the Norton antivirus is successfully installed on your device. These steps are simple and easy, but if you are still facing any problem then connect to the Norton customer support. The technicians and experts are available 24*7 to assist you. For instant help dial the toll-free number of Norton customer support for the quick assistance.
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