How to Fix McAfee Real-Time Scanning Not Working Error?

McAfee is one of the best antiviruses which serve the complete package of antivirus, antispyware and anti-malware security software for the protection of the computer system or mobile devices. McAfee provides the best and enhanced features to their users and it is very well known for their services.
McAfee Antivirus security software will automatically scan the incoming and outgoing emails with the addition of viruses and other malware infections. Scanning of the incoming and outgoing email traffic is one of the useful protections methods but sometime, it might be intruding with the sending and receiving emails. And your email clients might get slow because of the error in the McAfee real-time scanning not working on your emails.
Users of the McAfee products might be facing the number of issues or need to know more about the error visit But this issue is occurring due to the interfering reason with the email sending and receiving operation of the McAfee. It might be a McAfee Email scanning option that might be causing the email client to be very slow.
To fix the McAfee real-time scanning not working error, then you first need to disable the function of Email scanning on your system. So, below the procedure is mentioned for disabling Email Scanning and to solve the error of real-time scanning not working error. Or if you need any technical support then contact with McAfee customer support or you may also visit
Causes of McAfee Real-Time Scanning Not Working Error
The given causes are the most common causes that can be occurred during the time of sending and receiving emails. The causes are discussed below-
  • McAfee Email scanning interfering with the sending and receiving email operation on your system
  • McAfee Email scanning is continuously causing the email client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook) to be very slow.
To save your time and efforts you need to track the error that from where and when the error occurs it helps you in avoiding trouble during the time of fixing the error.
Procedure to Fix McAfee Real-Time Scanning Not Working Error
The steps are given below to fix the error of McAfee real-time scanning not working. These steps are very simple and understandable to follow but try to follow these steps in a given sequence. The steps are given below:
Steps for Disabling Email Scanning
Step-1: Try to Disable Temporarily Email Scanning Files
  1. Firstly, Open the “McAfee security software” product installed on your computer
  2. Then, click on the short-cut icon or button on the system screen or you can select the program from the “Program” folder.
  3. Now, Select the “Virus and Spyware Protection” menu option,
  4. Then, click on the “Real-Time Scanning” option.
  5. On “Real-Time Scanning” page, uncheck the E-mail attachment in the “settings” option.
  6. After that click on the “Apply” button.
  7. Then, Send a “Test Email” message from your email account.
  8. If the email sends successfully then go and follow Step 3 method.
Step-2: Check for another third-party application.
If after disabling the McAfee Real-time Scanning is still not working or cannot send or receive an email, there are other causes of the problem and you can try the step 2 to fix the error. The steps are described below-
  1. Check the another Security Software or Firewall, it might be blocking the email client operations in your system
  2. Check it once that you have any other Security or Firewall software available on your computer system then by activating the “Add or Remove Program” on the control panel applet.
  3. If you find anyone, then launch the application and use it as an instruction similar to the one which is provided in Step 1 to disable the real-time scanning.
  4. Then, try to Send a test email message.
  5. If the email sent successfully, then the error is solved.
But still, if the error does not fix then you need to take help from a certified technician of McAfee by dialing the McAfee customer support number or visit
Step 3: Turn on Scheduled Scan.
If the problem is with the real-time scan that McAfee is performing on your email messages, then you have one option to fix the error. the steps are given below-
  1. First, You have to turn-off real-time scanning so that it does not interfere with your applications and also not slow down the processing of your computer system.
  2. But to confirm that your computer is protected, set up the McAfee for a scheduled scan at one time when you are not to be actively using your computer system.
The aforementioned procedure is a very effective method to fix the McAfee real-time scanning not working error. but if you are facing any error in fixing them than you can contact the McAfee customer support. the team of technicians is available 24*7 to assist you and help you with every problem related to McAfee. For instant support, dial the toll-free number of McAfee customer support or visit
Source:-  Mcafee Activate


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