How to Fix McAfee Antivirus Error 3299?

In the modern world, cyber security has become of utmost importance. McAfee a well-known and trusted brand offers the best antivirus protection and cyber security solutions. Each of the McAfee software package consists of updated and exhaustive list of all the latest viruses, worms, Trojans, and other malwares. Even though McAfee antivirus works efficiently, sometimes errors come up due to technical glitches. Error 3299 is one such common error which appears while using McAfee Antivirus. Read on to know more about the error and steps to fix it.
Signs of Error 3299
  • When error 3299 appears, the active window program crashes.
  • The computer regularly crashes down and shows Error 3299 while the same program is running.
  • “McAfee Apache Error 3299” appears on the display.
  • System window starts running slowly.
  • Windows is slow to respond to mouse and keyboard input.
  • The computer freezes from time to time for a few seconds each time.
The Error 3299 sometimes shows up during the installation of a program i.e. a McAfee software program like McAfee antivirus. This error message can show up while running the software program, or while the Windows is starting up or shutting down, and even when an installation of Windows Operating system is going on. While troubleshooting Error 3299, it is important to keep a note of when and where this error occurs.
What causes Error 3299?
  • Corrupted download of McAfee Antivirus program
  • Unfinished installation of McAfee software
  • Corrupt windows registry due to a latest McAfee Antivirus associated software change like install or uninstall.
  • System is infected with virus or malware which has altered and corrupted the system files in windows or the files related to McAfee Antivirus related programs.
Error 3299 is a kind of Run-time error. These errors can be cause due to a number of factors. Since there are a variety of causes, it is essential to troubleshoot each and every possible cause in order to prevent the error from coming again.
Steps to fix McAfee Antivirus Error 3299
Here is a comprehensive list of steps which will help you in fixing the Error 3299 issue:
Step 1: Repairing the Windows Registry Entries
If you are not a professional then it is not recommended to edit the Windows registry manually in order to remove invalid Error keys. Download a registry cleaner and use it to find and fix invalid registry entries which are causing Error 3299. Repairing the registry issues also enhances the system speed and performance.
Step 2: Do a full virus and malware scan of the PC
There are high chances that the Error 3299 issue is directly related to a virus infection. Viruses and malwares damage, corrupt or remove the files related to Runtime errors. Moreover, it is also possible that the error 3299 is linked to a part of the malicious software itself.
Step 3: Clean out the Junk Files with disk Cleanup
If there are a number of junk files in the system, McAfee antivirus may give 3299 error. Overburdened hard drive or conflicts in files can cause this.  Run Disk cleanup on your windows system.
  • Go to start
  • In the search box write “command.”
  • Press the Control and Shift keys and then press Enter.
  • Click yes in the permission dialog box.
  • Type cleanmgr in the new prompt and press enter.
  • After the calculations are done by Disk cleanup, select the categories which you want to delete.
  • Click OK.
Step 4: Undo the recent system changes.
With the use of Windows system Restore, you can undo the PC and fix Error 3299 issue. Here’s hw you can do it:
  • Go to Start
  • Write System Restore in the search box and press Enter.
  • Click on System Restore
  • Key in your administrator password.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts in the Wizard and select a restore point.
  • Restore the PC.
If you are still having trouble with troubleshooting Error 3299 then contact the McAfee antivirus support for instant solutions. The McAfee antivirus customer support team, which is made up of highly skilled professionals, is adept at handling all sorts of tech related issues. You can reach the McAfee antivirus customer care via their toll-free support number. To know more about activation, installation, and purchase of MCAfee antivirus visit this website.
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