Antivirus a Cop Keeping an eye on Internet Threats

Computer data security has become a concerning issue since any data breach can result in identity theft and monetary losses. Moreover, it is exceedingly risky to lose personal or business data because hackers can easily misuse it. Even though computer technology is becoming more sophisticated every day, the security concerns are increasing. Having antivirus software installed on the computer system has become indispensable. Not having any antivirus software on your system is equivalent to inviting a thief in your house and giving him all the keys.  Antivirus acts like a cop in order to monitor, control, and prevent threats. Here are some features which make antivirus a cop keeping an eye on Internet threats

1- Protects from viruses

Viruses enter the computer and infect it. These malicious programs are usually hidden and they can do the following:
  • Slow down the running of a computer system
  • Stop the computer from booting up
  • Cause damage to certain parts of the computer system
  • Amend the operation of the system
  • Steal personal data
  • Send unauthorized messages, etc
Antivirus software acts as the cop and is located at the gate of the computer. It safeguards the computer system from incoming threats and it seeks out and demolishes all the potential threats. It also sends out a warning to all the possible threats. New kinds of viruses keep coming out all the time. The antivirus software keeps up with the latest threats. It updates every day in order to combat the latest threats to give continuous protection.
2- Protects from hackers
Hackers are equipped with an array of tools and techniques which they use to get unauthorized computer access.  Hackers often use viruses, worms, malware, and Trojans to get access to the computer system. Antivirus programs help in protecting the computer from these kinds of malicious software. Keylogger or spyware is a monitoring software which records all the keys pressed on the keyboard. It is often used by hackers to get the victim’s personal information like credit card details, passwords, usernames, bank account details, etc. If the antivirus software is robust then it will not only detect spyware but it will also give alerts and block them.
3- Prevents duplication
A computer virus has a tendency to duplicate itself even after it has been deleted and while the operating system is still active. The feature “boot-time scan” which is present in antivirus programs, prevents viruses from duplicating themselves. The feature shuts down the operating system and restarts the computer while conducting a scan for viruses. Since the operating system is not active during the deletion of a virus, the virus will be unable to duplicate itself.
4- Protection from spam
Spam not only clogs up email inboxes but it can also contain malware. Phishing, a form of cyber attack, is often done through emails. Most antivirus programs have an anti-spam feature which filters out spam. While most of the spam contains harmless advertisements, some of them contain links or attachments which are riddled with malware. Trojan Horses are a kind of malware which is hidden in email attachments. When the file is opened, it steals or destroys the computer data. Zombies are another kind of malware which are hidden in email attachments. They transform the computer into a server and send out unauthorized spams to others.
In the present scenario, having an antivirus program installed on your computer is a necessity. There are several antivirus software available in the market and most of them are cost-effective. The most renowned name is of Norton. Irrespective of which antivirus is installed on your computer, ensure that it is regularly updated.
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